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Earn Extra Income Reselling Our Healing Crystal Stones

Exciting new opportunities have recently opened up for becoming re-sellers of mustika pearls. We offer many options to those wishing to purchase our pearls to sell to lay customers, professionals, and those interested in new age, metaphysics and the occult. We also offer great volume discounts to those who are already in the new age, metaphysics or occult business and wish to provide something exciting and powerful to their current customers. Mustika pearls have been around for centuries, however, it is only now that the occult, metaphysical and new age community is realizing their great powers for a large variety of applications. Due to this increased interest in our mustika pearls these items have become hot sellers and are rivaled only by rare crystals and gems. If you are looking for a new and exciting product to offer your current customers, or you are interested in opening a shop devoted to selling mustika pearls exclusively than you will want to seriously consider them as part of your current inventory or business plan.

We give large and small discounts to those who purchase quantities of our pearls for re-sale, depending upon how many you order. We will also help with advertising and will provide you with all the information you need so that you are knowledgeable about how the pearls work, how they are obtained and what great benefits they can provide to those interested in purchasing them. Also, resellers will be provided with all psychic papers for each pearl they purchase for re-sale; every pearl is checked by ManiZone’s own in-house psychics so there is no need for re-sellers to put out the extra expense to hire their own psychics. Since each and every pearl comes with a psychic reading and the papers are already compiled, very little administration work is required to sell them. If you are interested in becoming a re-seller of the finest mustika pearls available anywhere in the world, then please contact Zahir Karbani via email for detailed information on how you can get started right away selling magical mustika pearls!

For information on how to become an agent and obtaining a license to use our highly secure Web site, please click here.

Some important information about Mustika Pearls:

Mustika pearls have numerous applications, including their use in reiki healing, chakra healing and balancing, spiritual jewelry making, guided visualization, focused meditation, Feng Shui, spell amplification, prophetic and/or enlightening dream production, and for use as talisman or good luck charms. They come in a multitude of colors and sizes, from a large variety of animals, plants and elements and each contains it’s own unique spirit or vital energy that can be harnessed for use in any new age application. Many mustika pearls have the added benefit of representing the four directions, North, South, East and West as well as the elements of Air, Fire, Earth and Water. Because of these special additional features they make perfect chakra companions and feng shui elements to add balance and energy to the individual person using them or living space in which they live or work.

The increased interest in the pearls amongst the general public and professionals has opened great re-seller opportunities for mustika pearls. The extremely high direct sale volume has put ManiZone in the position to offer the pearls at a discounted bulk rate to those who wish to offer these precious pearls to their clients in their retail shops, healing centers, internet shops, and new age/holistic wholesale suppliers of various crystals, gems and rocks.

Re-selling the pearls is quite as easy as re-selling crystals, rocks, gems, wands, tarot cards or any other new age/occult item. We provide our re-sellers with all that they need to inform the end customer with the information necessary to make a great choice in mustika pearl for their personal or professional use.