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About Mustika Pearls & Healing Crystals Fossils

Most of our Mustika Pearls & Bezoar stones come from Indonesia. They are found only in places where nature is undisturbed, and the elemental and spiritual energy is very high. They are obtained by highly trained and spiritually developed Pawangs (Shaman) working in close cooperation with nature.

Obtaining a Mustika Pearl & bezoar stone is an intense and highly complicated magical operation that can only be performed by advanced Shamans. When they are seeking pearls and stones, the Pawang or Shaman live in the jungle and perform magical rituals to open up communication with the elemental and mystical realms. They are then guided to where the stone or pearl can be found which is inside the body of a plant or animal. The journey to obtain these items is often fraught with danger.

No object can guarantee to bestow any kind of magical power on an individual; the power of the pearl depends wholly on the individual’s readiness and degree of spiritual development. All those who wear them, however, will notice gradual changes that are bestowed through the law of resonance. Because the pearl is highly charged with magickal energy, this energy will be absorbed by the carrier, creating an evolution of their spirit. This will affect each individual in a different way. Wherever you are at in your psychological and spiritual development, it will tend to raise you to the next level. Those who are already developed spiritually will find their journey greatly accelerated.

The first benefit you will notice is an enhancement to your aura, this, in turn, will provide protection against negative influences and an improvement of health and energy levels. Since it is hard for negative energy to exist in their presence, you will become more positive in your thinking and in your attitude towards life’s daily challenges. You will soon find your intuition developing naturally. There are also many individual benefits according to the type of pearl you wear. For example, tiger pearls will give you charisma and an authoritative presence. Bamboo pearls will attract money. Any mustka pearl can help your magical operations become more powerful.

No. The Pawangs/Shamans maintain a harmonious relationship with nature at all times and would never harm any of the living beings they work with. It would actually be impractical to try and hunt animals for pearls, as they are extremely rare, and the hunter could not possibly know which animals held pearls in their bodies. It is the elemental of the pearl that chooses to work with the Pawangs, and offers itself only when a relationship of trust has developed.

There are indeed fakes on the market, particularly in Indonesia where bezoar stones & Mustika Pearls are quite well known and are often sought for ornamental purposes. The difference is usually well known, as the genuine pearls are only obtained from Pawangs. All our mustikas are obtained via someone who has a long standing relationship to the Pawangs in Indonesia, and only deals in genuine Mustika pearls and bezoar stones. Furthermore, our pearls go through an intense psychic scanning process to verify that they are genuine. You can test them for yourself by holding one between your thumb and forefinger and calling the name of the elemental. You will soon feel intense energies flowing through your fingers as the spirit begins to respond to you.

On the whole, mustika pearls are all rare. Some, however, are rarer than others. Pearls are more commonly found in bamboo and banana plants, for example, but some species will very rarely produce a mustika and you will find some pearls that are strictly one of a kind. The rarest will be from non-physical beings such as dragons. Even these, however, are beginning to appear more often as more people are waking up to them and are ready to work with them. These pearls are rare, and many fakes are being offered for sale. It is up to the customer to determine which seller is real and which is not. Your best choice is to use a trusted source, we cannot indicate which companies are honest and which are dealing in fake items. We can only advise you to pay attention to how they present themselves, how long they have been in business and to beware if they offer “guarantees” or “certifications” of their pearls and stones. These cannot be made by any seller no matter what they say.

We go directly to the first line of acquisition. Our sources are Indonesian Shamans and suppliers. Mani Zone partners in Indonesia have been dealing with shamans and suppliers for many years and had strong relationships before they decided to join our company. Mani Zone Staff members in Indonesia have connections to large networks, suppliers and shamans over years of personal knowledge in their fields—they were not educated in technology nor did they have the necessary equipment available to them to offer such items on the internet prior to now. Other sellers may claim that they posses the only direct source but this is not true. It is impossible for anyone to state that they own the only genuine market of Mustika pearls and Bezoar Stones. We have no reason to malign other companies or individual sellers about their claims; we prefer to let the client decide which claims are true or false. We find no need to try and discredit other companies because we are confident in our sources and psychic testers. Most sellers, on the whole, are genuine and are interested in helping humanity advance spiritually, which aligns well with our own spiritual mission. Please keep in mind that if our sources were not direct, we would not be able to offer our pearls and stones at good prices. With the addition of middle-men our prices would soar, by using direct sources we are able to keep our prices within a reasonable range.

You most certainly can, email us your order we can work something out for you.

We are committed to ensuring that all seekers of the light posses a magical pearl in order to help them advance and evolve further on their spiritual path. We know that this, in turn, will make the world a better place to live in. We also understand that life is becoming harder and more difficult in these troubled times. We don’t mind working on smaller profit margins for this reason. Even though mustika pearls are very dear we try to offer as low a price as possible so that all of our customers can purchase them with ease. A luxury lifestyle is not our goal in life, but rather helping humanity and educating the public to these precious gifts that Mother Nature has given us all to use towards spiritual evolution. We realize that we have upset many sellers and dealers in the process of dropping our prices as much as we can, because they, in turn, have had to drop their prices as well. We only hope that our business methods will allow all who are deemed worthy to acquire these unique gifts. This is our spiritual mission. Operating from th

No, they are not cheap, since we have been offering them at a better value then other sites it does not mean we have acquired them cheaply nor does it mean they are fakes. It only means that we have managed to minimize our profit margin and tightened our belts as much as possible in order to sell them only slightly above our own purchase prices. Mustika pearls are never sold “cheaply,” due to the hardship and rarity of obtaining them. Shamans go through extensive rituals which can take days or even weeks. We must provide funds for their living expenses while they are in the field and pay them for their expertise. These people risk their own safety by going into dangerous animal territory, which is a task that most would not even consider, for any amount of money. If not for their own spiritual interest they would not do so either.

No, we will not make such claims. Even though we know the items are genuine and the source of our inventory is exceptionally reliable, it is virtually impossible to claim they are real for the very reason that we would need a third party expert in the field to apply such a guarantee. We don’t think anyone can guarantee pearls and stones are 100% genuine. If you put these stones under gemologist testing they may find that they are made of silica, (natural glass produced by nature or other mineral types of materials found in nature). This does not mean the pearls and stones are fake but it can not verify that they are real either or there origin. We have tried having our pearls verified in the past and the conclusion was that they are not verifiable. No one could answer if they were real or fake. If we cannot be backed by an institution, our claims of a guarantee won’t be undeniable; this is why our Terms and Conditions clearly state that we sell these items as curios and make no explicit warranties or guarantees to their effectiveness. We are ever evolving this market and trying out new testing procedures which will enable us to one day offer certifications. Some may try to provide certificate or other ways of proof that there pearls are authentic but none of this stands any weight if its not backed by any strong foundation/institution it does not mean a thing as any document or papers can be certified by anyone for that matter. If we could do this (certify our pearls) we would do so from our psychics, but choose not to as we feel this is deludin

Yes we can, since we have already read the pearls through psychic scans we can simply advise which may be of some use to you if you are facing certain problems. For example, if you asked us which type of pearls help to develop clairvoyance or strengthen the third eye, we can advise you on this—however don’t just rely on the pearl to develop this quality for you. They can only assist in such matters, wearing the pearls with no effort on your part will simply disappoint you. You should try to use the energy of the pearls to empower essential oils used in psychic practice. Drink the empowered water during meditation and practice opening up the third eye. Showering with the pearl may well cleanse the third eye chakra from negative energies. It is only with practice and the energies of the pearl will you able to go further spiritually. Simply approaching this with a lazy mind will disappoint you. Simply wearing the pearl with no effort on your part will not sort out your problems or help you develop magical powers.

We do this so that our clients will not choose a pearl or stone based on the reading or its power, but rather that they choose based on a spiritual attraction. If you are a more sophisticated or advanced user you may simply email us to let us know which items and types of elementals you are seeking to work with. In this way we can suggest the ones that might best fit to your current needs based on our inventory.

The prices shown on site are priced per piece only, the pictures which contains few mustika pearls are for illustrative purpose to give you an idea of different varieties. However, the prices are for a single piece. If you wish to obtain all the pearls in the picture, please email us first, so we may check our stocks on availability.

Animal Totems

No, this is simply not true and we will never claim this, nor should any other seller. If they do, we advise you to run as far away as you can from them.

The animal totem virtues on our product pages are presented as guidelines to inspire the reader about the specific qualities each animal possesses. We do not claim your pearl will possess all the virtues of the animal it came from. It is impossible to do so. The pearl may well have some connection or none to the virtues presented on the animal totem articles.
It is for this reason that we stress the deep psychic scanning of the pearl will reveal the virtues of the pearl you have chosen. This information is only given after your purchase, not before. We do not want customers to choose pearls solely for their magical powers, but wish them to choose for the spiritual attraction they feel towards them instead.

We have done considerable research into the theory of animal totems, and with the help of another spiritualist, have written many articles on animal totems. We use these articles to provide information to clients on our product pages. Some of the animal totem virtues mentioned on product pages are there as guidelines to inspire the reader about certain qualities each animal possesses. It is there to create a stronger bond between humans and the animal kingdom knowing they are all special in their own ways. This is an ancient belief amongst many deeply spiritual groups and tribes and has a long tradition throughout the ages; we did not “invent” these theories, nor do we claim to have invented them, but gathered them from shamanistic sources.

We do not want customers to choose pearls solely for their magickal powers but wish them to choose for the spiritual attraction one has to the pearl. Feel free to read the animal totem articles and see which you like the sound of more, the ones that fascinate you are ones you are attracted to. There is no point wearing a pearl that you are not drawn to and only want for its power, as it may not work optimally for you.

The elemental Nature Spirits

Mustika pearls have different spiritual elements attached to them depending on their purpose. There are those that have dryad spirits, others have sylph spirits; there are those that have water spirits and many other elemental spirits. This is something that cannot be witnessed in any other ordinary healing crystals making these pearls highly valuable. This is basically what makes these pearls more than just ordinary healing stones. When an individual is using these pearls he is able to feel the strong connection between the spiritual world and this is why it is highly recommended for individuals who have a strong passion for the supernatural world. If there are any other healing crystals that can be compared to Mustika pearls then they are very few.

Yes. The Pawangs who obtain them only pass them on because the elemental spirit wishes to move on and work with others. As more people become aware of, and wish to work with bezoar stones & Mustika Pearls, more present themselves. Elemental spirits, like ourselves, are often curious about working with beings of another dimension, and learn much through their interaction with us. Just as their relationship with the animal was symbiotic, so too is their relationship with us.

All mustikas have been formed by an elemental spirit, but they are mortal, and the spirit can die and leave the mustika uninhabited. Another elemental may then make its home in the mustika. There will be times in-between when the mustika has no elemental presence. All the mustikas sold by ManiZone have a living elemental presence.

No. The elemental spirit is highly evolved and has a strong sense of the harmony of the universe, the importance of evolution, and divine order. They work with us for our mutual evolution, not to bolster the ego or cause harm. They are therefore not something that black magicians should wish to use, although many may seek them for their power. In fact, part of their reason for working with us is to harmonize and evolve our inner magic, and recreate balance after much misuse of magic has occurred. For this reason, they are powerful allies in disarming dark forces.

We do this so that our clients will not choose a pearl or stone based on the reading or its power, but rather that they choose based on a spiritual attraction. If you are a more sophisticated or advanced user you may simply email us to let us know which items and types of elementals you are seeking to work with. In this way we can suggest the ones that might best fit to your current needs based on our inventory.

All the pearls sold at www.manizone.co.uk are sent directly from the United Kingdom or from Indonesia depending on where the Mustika pearls are located in our stock system. You will receive a tracking number once your order has been shipped. We will at times update you with 2 Tracking numbers if your order needs to be shipped both from the United Kingdom & Indonesia.

You will receive the pearl which has been magically cleansed by us, for free, and you will also receive a much more detailed psychic report by email once you have confirmed receipt of the items. The psychic reading will be emailed to you after you have confirmed receipt of the pearl.

Depending on how you made your order, once your payment is confirmed we will ship in less then 72 hours excluding weekends. Normally the pearls and stones are blessed before shipment with the specific customer in mind. While we state 72 hours, more often than not orders are shipped within 48 hours.

Payment And Refund

Yes, you can do this, but we only accept cards verified by visa and secure master card payments. This means if you posses a Visa Card or Master Card which has not been verified yet then you will need to verify the card by going through certain procedures which determines if you are the genuine credit card holder. This procedure is only completed once and you will not be asked to go through these steps again. Once visa or Master card has verified you instantly you will be given a four digit pin number which you will need next time you order through our site or any other website on the internet which has setup higher security for accepting payments.

For whatever reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will refund you the full amount minus 10% restocking fee and minus any shipping fee incurred.

We accept payment by Credit Cards, Paypal, Bank Transfers & Western Union. 

Yes we do! Paypal is acceptable as long as you have a confirmed Paypal Verified Address that matches the same address as the invoice. 

However Paypal has high transaction fees, these fees are non refundable to us in case you decide to cancel your order or request a Full Refund. Should this occur, we will refund you the full amount minus 10% which includes our Restocking fees and PayPal transaction fees plus shipping fees if your item has been shipped out.

Resellers Program

Yes. Drop shipping is possible, we also have RSS feed installed on our website, you can retrieve live data products from us in real time making your life easier and allowing you to concentrate on adverting and promotions. Email Zahir Karbani for this request. We can help you setup your site, as we have designed and built our Ecommerce system. We hold full rights and can give you a license to use it.

Yes, why not. If you have a good connection to like minded people, who may well find mustikas and bezoars interesting then this may be a good venture for you. We can offer you larger discounts (depending on how many you order) which will help your business to start up quicker. We are here to assist you, email us and speak to us about this. We can assist in all parts of the business and provide you further advice while in operation.

Affiliate Program

Yes, you most certainly can, before joining we would like to see where and how you will market the product. We do not want affiliate account holders giving clients false hope or pushing false sales hype so that unhappy or deluded visitors will be passed on to us. We will have to review your site before allowing membership in our affiliate program. Once we are assured that you will not break our terms and that you have the customers best interests at heart, you will be able to create an account with us instantly. See our Affiliate Information section on mainpage.

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