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About Us

About Mani Zone

Mani Zone is a UK company specializing in the occult and metaphysics. Over the years we have grown from being a supplier of Stones and Pearls to those proficient in practicing the mystical arts, to one which provides artifacts for the amateur or layperson with a general interest in metaphysics.

Mani Zone is now renown for the powerful qualities of the Bezoar Stones and Pearls it provides and our client base has expanded to include Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes, and corporate entities from around the globe.

About Our Stones and Pearls

Although Bezoar Stones and Pearls are rarely heard of in contemporary western society, these spiritual and naturally occurring artifacts were highly valued by ancient and sophisticated civilizations. Their mystical value is represented in many early texts, archives, and legends and they are even discussed in detail in the sacred Sanskrit text, “Sri Garuda Puranam”. Bezoars have long since been believed to be associated only with positive forces and anyone who lucky enough to own a stone or pearl,is considered to be endowed with benevolent spiritual activity.

Bezoar Stones and Pearls which are commonly referred to as Bezoars, are not gems but both inorganic and organic concentrations found throughout the natural world. Often they can be discovered in the body of an animal, but they are also sourced from the oceans, plants and even fruits. For thousands of years these prized amulets have been sought after by Royalty, occultists, shaman, sorcerers, witches and healers as the simple act of carrying a Bezoar stone about the person is thought to protect the wearer from evils both spiritual and physical.

Because of their rarity not only are all Bezoar Stones and Pearls considered precious, but they are consequently difficult to source, authenticate and purchase. Yet Mani Zone and our shaman have applied years of experience and contacts to grow a portfolio of products, including those associated with crystal healing and Chakra stones, which mean you can access and benefit from our diverse range of artifacts. Such is the level of our knowledge and selection we are now proud to confirm that we can provide clients with such broad options even the layperson interested in obtaining one of these mystical creations of nature is unlikely to be disappointed.


Often it is difficult, even for experts, to authenticate Bezoar Stones and Pearls. Yet at Mani Zone our shaman utilize years of spiritual expertise to guarantee the authenticity of your purchase. Because these stones are naturally occurring, although some might appear of a standard shape and size, most are irregular and each stone will be distinct from another. Our sources, for the greater part, are acquired from the Indonesian Archipelago unless stated otherwise.

The reputation of Mani Zone in the world of mystical metaphysics is exemplary and we are proud to confirm that many of our clients are respected spiritualists, occultists and shaman who are accomplished in the mystical arts. Zahir Karbani heads our organization and works synergistically with his team of spiritualists to bring to you a stunning range of rare and authentic mystical artifacts.

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