Spiritual Healing Crystals and Stones

Here at Mani Zone, we believe the beauty of stones, Healing crystals and Mustika pearls goes far beyond visual pleasure. Whether you’re new to Crystal healing and want to find out more about the practice of using healing crystal stones, or you’re passionate about crystal magic and want to delve deeper into psychic and Shamanic development, we’ve got you covered.

For thousands of years, man has believed that the earth, its oceans, and the life within provides us with healing stones, healing crystals and pearls to act as positive conduits on the human psyche and body. Our species has always had an affinity with these natural materials, and throughout the ages, many ancient societies have used gemstones and minerals to perform magical and mystical practices. Today, the power of healing crystals and healing stones still coincides with those of the ancients from great civilisations.

Mystical and magical stones, pearls, fossils and crystal healing

Stones, crystals, pearls and fossils possess different characteristics that have individual energetic properties. People have a variety of beliefs, but what they all have in common is spiritualism through the form of energy and magical practices.

The repeating chemical structures within crystals is believed to give them the ability to hold energies and have a kind of memory. Some say the energies originate from the planet itself, whilst others believe the powers emerge from the Gods of life or elemental fairy spirits. It is also thought that whilst they provide positive energies, they simultaneously withdraw negative energies, returning the body and soul to a state of homeostasis. Whatever your beliefs, healing crystals and stones have been sought after for generations and used as part of personal and magical rituals as a tool for good.

Power of Shaman healing crystal stones

The use of healing crystals and stones is personal to each individual. Some rituals are centred around particular points in the solar or lunar cycle; however, you can set your stones out at any time you choose. You may choose to cleanse and recharge each week, or some like to carry their crystals around with them on a daily basis.

Spiritual healing crystals and stones are used as a tool by yoga practitioners and practitioners of Shamanism, and you will often find them within meditation rooms, alter and prayer rooms, and dedicated sacred rooms for rituals and rites.

Choose your mystical power stones & spiritual Mustika pearls

Here at Mani Zone, we offer a diverse range of stones that are intended to strengthen your spiritual and physical being. Our exclusive catalogue includes crystal stones, Mustika pearls, Chakra and Bezoar stones, which are sourced mainly from the ancient world of Malaysia and the Indonesian Archipelago.

Mustika pearls and Bezoar stones are less common in western societies, but these naturally occurring artifacts have been held in high regard for thousands of years by sophisticated civilizations. The reason they are more powerful than other healing crystals, is that they are natural by-products of animals and can even be referred to as fossil crystals. It is thought that those who possess a Bezoar stone or Mustika pearl are lucky and endowed with wonderful psychic and spiritual activity. It is also believed that carrying a stone or pearl protects the person from evils in both spiritual and physical form.

Our rare and exclusive range of Mustika pearls, Bezoar stones and healing crystals, all possess unique virtues, occult and magical powers. From draining illness and negative spiritual forces from the body, to providing protection against the elements and aggressors in the world, these natural artifacts surpass the working mechanisms of natural healing stones you find on a regular basis.

Sophisticated societies across the globe and throughout time have consistently trusted the power of the earth manifesting through these stones and pearls. And, because they work with positive energy channels, these elements are perceived only as forces for good. The exchange of energies results in these stones and pearls being utilised only for the purpose nature intended – to provide beautiful benefits.

Whether you’re searching for emotional sanctuary or creative assistance, or perhaps want to explore the uses of stones and pearls as our ancestors did before us, you are certain to find something to meet your requirements within our collections. As you browse our website, you will be amazed at the magnitude of natural stones and pearls that emanate from our surroundings, giving you the ability to harness the power of the earth and animals.

If you have any questions about our collections or would like some advice on finding the best healing stone or pearl for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Spiritual Healing Crystals & Stones
Spiritual Healing Crystals and Stones Mustika Pearls
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