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Shaman Fossils

(Batara Karang)

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These rare and unusual fossils are believed to be fossilised
humans Shamans who practiced a certain Magical Art (Sadana) mainly associated to
the Javanese People.  It is believed that these fossils hold all the
Magical Powers and abilities of the shaman. These are powerful items and will
greatly accelerate the development of anyone who wishes to walk down the
spiritual path, focusing on Self development and Magical


Details Psychic Reading will be provided after Purchase.

We are willing to give large discounts on these items if all 5 Shaman
fossils are purchased in a single transaction. Please email to


By owning and working with the shamans fossils the user will find a
number of magickal powers developing within them such as


High Clairvoyance & Psychic Sensitivity


Astral Projection

Lucid Dreams

Prophetic Dreams

High Forms of Mind Influence Powers, Thought

Power of Authority.

Invulnerability to Enemy Attacks This is Physical and Metaphysical,
Such as Punches, Machete Strikes Etc.

Powerful Protection against Black Magick

Cosmic/Spiritual Powers Attained the Shaman

Power to Enchant and Attract the Opposite Sex

Power of Youth and Beauty (Slows down the practitioners ageing

Power to Conjure Spirits, Entities and Human Souls

Improves the Practitioner Meditation and Development

Guidance, Access to higher Cosmic/Spiritual Knowledge

Improves and Empowers the Users Aura.

Empowers your Visualisation, Words and Intentions.

Helps to attain some degree of enlightenment.

Access to Akastic Library

Political Advancement

Attract Luck, Money and Prosperity

Powerful Healing Energies

High Charismatic Presence

And many more

The powers all depends on the shaman itself and its development in
the Spiritual Arts.


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