Mountain Belt Pearl – Type A1.4 (Egg Shape)


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Belt Pearl – Type A1.4


The Mountain
Pearl possesses the following virtues:

luck and prosperity, helps to attain an wealthy life, wards of
negative forces/energies/spirits, healing, personal magnetism, charisma, Stable
foundation through love and business matters, authority presence, healing,
connects one to earth energies.

Belt Pearl

pearls were found in a mountain belt which encompassed 7 mountains. The pearls
were given to a shaman by a Group Mountain Spirit Lord. It is said this Spirit
Lord watched over all the 7 mountains and the less evolved elemental beings that
were in control over the natural forces within the proximity of this mountain

elemental spirits of these particular pearls have evolved greatly and are very
old. They are able to attract the most sought after virtues; these include
attracting Wealth and Prosperity, attracting Love and Luck, Protection from
negative energies and spirits.

pearls would be an excellent choice to be kept within a Home, Meditation or
Sacred Space, Office or Business Premises. They can be set in ones altar or even
at Holistic Centres and Reiki Healing Centres.  They can be placed in and
around the home or business to correspond to Feng Shui Bagua specific-life areas
again balancing your surroundings to work and bring about more of what you want
in life.

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