Javanese Fossilized Treasure Vase – Type B2


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Javanese Fossilized Treasure

This very antique and exquisite treasure vase
is found in the sacred temple and keratons area. The fossilized treasure vase
was considered as one of the high value artifacts of the kingdom in around Java

The treasure vase possess the power of the
wealth for its user back in the kingdom era.

The object was found naturally in fossil form
and possess high level occult and magickal power.

The virtues of the Javanese Fossilized
Treasure Vase are:

  1. To increase the wealth and financial

  2. Helps to improve business

  3. Accelerates career

  4. Gives its user high charisma and
    attraction power

  5. Helps to build social relationship and
    attract sympathy from everyone

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