Dewa Human Pearl – Type I1


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These are commonly known as ‘Dewa’ or ‘Deva’
pearls originating from the highly renowned and enlightened holy monks or
spiritual beings. ‘Dewa’ or ‘Deva’ meaning god-like or a highly spiritual

These pearls are also referred to as ‘Sarira’,
a Sanskrit term meaning body waste or decay, reiterating that these pearls are
those found after cremation of the human spiritual being. The spiritual energy
and god-like status which was developed by these human beings has been captured
in these pearls.

These pearls are formed from their chakras
energies which after cremation of the holy body of the enlightened being
manifested into a crystallised form to represent its high frequency. The
elementals which reside in these pearls are also of high status to match that
high frequency of their origin.

They are known as ‘akash’ meaning ‘sky’
spirits as they have a very high spiritual status. These are therefore highly
sought after by those wishing to develop their psychic abilities further and to
increase their chakra energy levels to a more advance

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