White Telor Jagad Pearl – Type A3 (Small)


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Sacred Telor Jagad Stone

White Telor Jagad Pearl – Type A3 (Small)

“Seed of Mother Nature”

These Magical Sacred stones are referred to as “Telor Jagad” meaning “The Seed of Mother Earth”  a powerful stone gifted by nature for a spiritual purpose. These Sacred stones vibrate at super high frequencies and posses powerful healing energies. They are more suitable for Practitioners and Metaphysical experts who can awaken its spiritual force and allow the healing powers to flow through.  The Stones act as a beacon of divine energies and require serious practitioners to work with them. Apart from its magical Powers, these stone bless its owners with a vast array of Spiritual/Magical virtues and mundane advancement.

Even by placing these Sacred stones in your home, Work or business place will greatly improve and uplift the psychic vibration of the area, it like wise helps all those in close proximity to the sacred stone to think positive and Intelligently and at the same time power of the stones will purify Negative Energies and Entities near it. The Magical Power of these stones conditions the Psychic atmosphere to attract higher spiritual beings and Divine Energies in to the area it has been installed. Attracting Positive higher forces will result in blessing and Good Luck–but there is more to these stones the user will find out in time.

Its spiritual forces will work very well for spiritual Practitioners who conduct Group meditation, Healing Sessions, Yoga Workshops, Self Development, Magick Practitioners, Metaphysical Practitioners, Tantric Practitioners etc

They can be ideal for those who hold high positions in our society we can suggest a few top level decision makers such as institution, Business Owners, Government Staff, Policitical Leaders, Engineers, Architecture, Social Engineers and so on. People who are going to make a positive change in our world and recreate new system for all Human kind to benefit. These magical stones will provide the driving force behind this positive changes it will allow its energies to awaken and attract the wealth and power in order for the user to reach a spiritual and social change.

We have kept our cost low on these sacred stones as we believe these need to get out into the world rather than staying in our stock rooms. We are up for negotiation on interested serious parties who wish to secure these very powerful sacred stones for instalment in your Home, Meditation Centre or Even Place of Business.  Please enquire by emailing or calling us.


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