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Telaga Arum Water Pearls


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The Water

            Without the
water element there would be no life. As one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind,
water keeps all things on Earth healthy and sustained. Water can be the fresh
drinking type, as such that can be found in lakes, streams and ponds, or it can
be salty as is the seas that cover the world, which support the multitudes of
water creatures that exist on our planet.  It comes in many forms, ice is
frozen water and snow is crystallized water. The human body is made of fifty to
sixty percent water and we need ample amounts of it to be physically fit and
vital. Water is mutable, constantly moving and represents the life force; it can
be as clam and still as a tranquil pond or powerful and awe inspiring as the
great and powerful oceans.

The water
element possesses many excellent virtues including the following: The ability to
change and reinvent oneself, diplomacy, intuition, energy, power, cleansing,
creativity, prosperity, force of character, serenity, tranquility, honesty and
wisdom. Some magickal uses include: Cleansing, shielding, healing, changing,
removing harmful hexes and curses and as an aid in the creation of

Water is said
to represent the sub-conscious mind and this element is responsible for
prophetic and enlightened dreams and helping one to understand their own deepest
desires. Those who posses the power of the water element will exude traits of
sensitivity to the world around them, the strength of the feminine, the ability
to fluidly adapt to any situation and a knack of drawing people to them. It will
also help in the desire to cleanse oneself of pain, anger and

The water
element has been used for centuries as an aid in magical and mystical healing
and powerful spells. When welding the power of water one must be careful to not
abuse its great influence; as one shows respect to the mighty pull of the ocean,
it is important to honor the water element in magical use. Always keep in
mind that water is very changeable and forceful, and is apt to become dangerous
if not given the respect it deserves. However, for those who understand its
magnificent abilities this element becomes a great tool for expanding the life
force and making changes for the better.

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