Snake Fossil – SF 72 (Crystal)


Snake fossil increases luck, prosperity, and business success. They also acquire wealth and improve social standing, and they ensure protection from negative influences…

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Crystal Formation

Do not miss this rare opportunity…

The snake fossil will:

  • Bring you luck and prosperity
  • Help you acquire money, wealth and hidden treasures
  • Improve your luck at games of chance and other betting competitions
  • Boost your success in business
  • Enhance your social status
  • Give you powerful protection from black magic and negative entities

The other magical virtues of snake fossil include:

  • Occult and magical powers
  • Spiritual and mystical development
  • purification and healing powers
  • The ability to give authority and to maintain a powerful presence
  • Personal guidance
  • Assist in raising Kundalini Safely

With snake fossil, you can increase your luck, prosperity, and business success. You can acquire wealth and improve your social standing. You can also ensure protection from negative influences…

We have managed to get a very special price for a batch of snake fossil. Shamans refer to these snakes as “Naga Silumans,” powerful snake spirits.

The snakes are the guardians of hidden treasures and occult knowledge. They can manifest themselves as half human/half snake or simply as snakes. In their fossil forms, they appear as full snakes.

We have shown the fossils to a high Hindu priest. He claims they are servants of Shiva.

They are powerful beings that can protect you from approaching world dangers and negative influences. They can watch over you and assist your spiritual and mystical development. They can help to maintain and improve your prosperity and wealth even though the world economy is contracting.

High-quality snake fossil such as this is the same standard as mermaid and shaman fossils. But despite this, we have negotiated a low price from our source. This means we can sell the fossils to you at a remarkable price.