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 Scorpion Pearls

General Virtues for all Lizard pearls:

Improves the quality of the aura; Attracts luck; improves business and social life; wards of negative energies and spirits; healing; magical energies

General virtues are mentioned here, Details Psychic reading is only given after the purchase of the Bezoar stones–Mustika pearl.

The Scorpion Totem
The Scorpion is a very interesting and
solitary creature. They are fierce and lethal and have been known to live
for as long as twenty-five years. They are nocturnal and do not hunt their
prey, but rather wait until a suitable prospect crosses their path. They
will then ambush their victim by giving them a lethal injection of poison which
either kills or adequately stuns the unsuspecting creature. The Scorpion’s
stinger sits at the top of their many segmented tail. The Scorpion is able
to control how much venom will be released from their stinger when attacking
their prey. They will, if very threatened, sting their victim several
times. There are fifteen-hundred species of Scorpion throughout the world,
of those, only twenty-five are lethal. These creatures molt frequently in
their lifetimes, sometimes as many as five or six times. Scorpions can
survive a year without food or water, making them one of the most enduring
creatures on the planet.
The mating ritual of Scorpions is very
dangerous and unusual. They do a battle dance and often sting one another
in the process. It can take as long as eighteen months for the birth of the
young scorpions to occur. Female Scorpions are very fierce mothers and will
ferociously protect her offspring from any harm or threat of harm. She carries
her children on her back after they are born, and will feed and protect them
until they drop off her back when ready to hunt on their
Scorpions have the interesting
characteristic of having six to twelve eyes. They have a central pair plus
several which cluster around this set. Despite these extra eyes, or perhaps
because of them, they do not see very well. They have sensory hairs on
their under bellies which allow them to pick up vibrations and help them to find
their way around in the dark. They are only able to distinguish light from
dark and shadows.
Another unusual characteristic of the
Scorpion is that they have a natural florescence and they will all glow under
ultra-violet light. This is how most scientists are able to find them
during their normal time of activity in the dark. After many years of
research scientists are still not exactly sure what causes the Scorpion’s body
to do this. The sight of a glowing Scorpion is an amazing thing to behold
it is fascinating and mysterious.
Scorpions are respected by most people
smart enough to understand their nature and wise enough to give them a wide
berth. They are not discriminating about what or whom they sting, only
about how much poison they will inject into you when they
The Fierce Scorpion Totem possesses the
following virtues:
Metamorphosis, openness to change,
mystery, independence, self-protection, endurance, ferocity, self-possession,
fearlessness, power of passion, masterful presence, magnetic personality,
determination, personal intensity, willpower, tenacity, forcefulness,
tranquility and dignity.
Scorpion Pearls are said to impart their
particular magical virtues to their owner. Scorpion Pearls are characteristic of
their host; they possess all the awesome characteristics that may be seen in the
Scorpion itself; the endurance and strength of this creature is contained within
the pearl waiting for its proper owner to bestow its inner magic to that unique
and fortunate individual. For century’s shamans, priestesses, spiritualists
and practitioners of the occult have used Scorpion pearls to transfer the
powerful magical energy of the Scorpion to themselves and to others in need of
this commanding magic. 
Scorpion pearls are highly sought after
by any wishing to absorb Scorpion virtues into their lives and develop stronger
mental abilities such as those embodied by the powerful Scorpion. The owner
of a Scorpion pearl will see their lives, spiritual energy and mental clarity
imbued with all of the virtues attributed to the Lion of the Desert, the
The Scorpion animal totem is a strong
spirit indeed and its magical properties are one of the most influential of all
animal totems. Strength in leadership, long lasting endurance, the wisdom
to wait, higher self-esteem and so much more can be integrated into the spirit
of the possessor of this magical pearl and the Scorpion
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