Javanese Dragon Stone – Type B2


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Javanese Dragon


Prices have
been heavily discounted–What we are offering here is Reseller prices directly
to the public.


Believed to be a fossilised Dragon, These
are Stone Opaque Formation. They are heavy and each type is unique from another
in scales and surface patterns.



We will Negotiate on
this Item depending on method of Payment and Currency.


Magical Virtues:

 Powers of influence, Occult/Magickal
Powers, Healing, Regeneration, Personal Magnetism, Charismatic Presence,
Attracts Love, Attracts Luck, Business Success, Improves Social Standings, Wards
of Psychic Attacks and Black Magick etc etc

Most of these Dragon
Stones have their own unique powers these will be provided in the Psychic

The above Virtues are general and apply on
a broader scale.

We can offer 3 Months Instalment Payments
with a deposit of 25% to reserve your Dragon Stone. 

We will not accept Credit Cards for this

Accepted Payments:

Bank Wire (Direct TT Transfers) Money Gram,
Western Union, and Cash on Collection.

Discounts offered to those who are securing
more than 2 Dragon Stones in one Single Transaction.



Below is an email from Peter sent us in regards to these
Mermaids when they underwent a psychic scan. His comments were emailed to us and
this is pasted in below.

The comments below relate more to
mermaids/Dragons/Snakes we are offering but much of this knowledge and
information also associates the Dragons and Snake Fossils

Hi Zahir,

I want to give you the full story of these mermaids, as
they all come from the same place, and are quite incredible. It took a while to
understand the full story. I think this will really encourage people to
understand their true value, as they are very special.

In all magickal traditions, there is a time when the
initiate would go to water, and would be taken beneath the water by the spirits
to be initiated into magick. This mysterious place beneath the water is
incredibly magickal. The tradition is so ancient, most cultures don’t even have
a name for this place any more, but in the Faerie tradition it is called Tir Na

The mer people are the initiators of magick. In Atlantis,
man had a close connection with the water spirits, and so these initiations were
common. Since the fall of Atlantis, about 12,000 years ago, the magick is almost
lost, and now only small pockets exist within the wilder and more elemental
jungles where these initiations still happen: in west Java, Africa and the
Amazon jungle. These beings are known as Mami Wata in Africa, or Yacaruna in the
Amazon jungle, and are the teachers of magick and Shamanism.

When Atlantis fell and magick was lost, the mer-people,
being boundary-dwellers, found there realm vanishing. In order to preserve their
existence in some form, and to continue their purpose of magickal initiation,
many mermaids channelled their magick into the Earth. Some, which were more used
to humans, and worked a lot with crystals, channelled their magick into quartz.

The sheer power molt the quartz and formed it into their own
shape. The wilder, more elemental mermaids focused their essence into the sand,
which was molten by the power into a kind of black glass. These mermaid figures
contain the highest amount of pure magick possible in any material.

The white crystalline figures are best for healing. The
black glassy figures are sources of raw magick. The large mermaid “Mermaid –
Type C1 (Broken)” is the only one actually containing a spirit. This is the
initiator, who will take its owner into Tir Na Nog in dream.

The Queen of Tir Na Nog, Mornach also opens the door to her
kingdom of sea dragons, which are the guardians of Tir Na Nog. Some of these
dragons have also condensed themselves into sand, forming a figure of black
glass. They have come to us now to destroy evil, as many light workers are now
finding themselves fighting incredible levels of evil in the World.

Some human magicians also focused their magick into sand
to preserve it. Human magick takes the form of a black snake (Javanese Dragon



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