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The owner of a Honey Bear Pearls will see their lives, spiritual energy and mental clarity imbued with all of the virtues attributed to the Shaman of the woods, the Bear.

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General Virtues:

Will Power, Courage, Strength, Leadership Qualities, Wards off Negative Energies, Attracts Luck and Healing
Abilities Detailed Psychic Reading Will be given after the purchase of you Mustika/Bezoar Stones.

The Bear Totem

The Bear has many myths and legends surrounding it. They have played an enormous role in the Native American Indian culture and their skins were often used for protection from the cold in the form of coats and blankets; their claws were used for making jewelry and necklaces and their heads provided masks for Shaman.

Native Americans believe that the Bear has strong medicine magic and many tribes consider bears to be Shaman
themselves. They are known to American Indian tribes and their Shamans as “Keeper of Medicine” because they keep all the ancient healing secrets of the Indians and the spirits of the Earth.

The large, powerful paws of a Bear contain, hidden within, long, sharp claws. They use their claws for catching one of their favorite meals, fish, and for climbing trees. Bears are good swimmers and surprisingly fast runners. Although many people see Bears as threatening, most are content to mind their own business and only use force when absolutely necessary.

They are not man eaters as many people believe, and, in fact, get most of their nutrition from, fish, plants, berries, herbs insects, and yes, even honey.

The Bear is a reserved and powerful animal. They
signify leadership, family values and lunar magic. They are a spiritual and
medicine Totem providing insight and calm grace and words of truth to those who
seek their spirit council.

Bears are said to possess Lunar magic and many myths and
legends depict the Bears special relationship to the moon. They are devoted
mothers, raising and protecting their young from danger, teaching them to forage
for food and fish in streams and providing them with all that they need until
they are able to care for themselves properly. Mother Bears will fiercely
protect her offspring from any harm or threat of harm.

Bears come in different colors and types, but most of them display similar spiritual and physiological characteristics. There are Asiatic Black Bears, American Black Bears, and the Magnificent Brown Bear which can be found throughout Asia, Europe, America and Canada. There is also the enormous Polar Bear, which can be found in colder regions of the world.

Bears are honored and respected by spiritualists the world over. Bears are known to impart pure and right wisdom and nothing profane will ever come from the noble Bear. Therefore they are trusted advisors in the
spiritual world. The Bear possesses many animal virtues that are powerful and valuable and which any person would be wise to emulate or divine.

One who has the power of the Bear will see enhanced leadership abilities, wisdom and fearlessness in defense; a better sense of self control allowing one the ability to use will-power to not speak when angered. Balance, harmony and strength are also all part of this noble totem’s magic.

The Magnificent Bear Totem possesses the following virtues:

Right words and advise, clam reflective-ness, leadership abilities, courage to do what is right, medicine magic, shamanistic abilities, strong family values, devotion, reserved power, fearlessness in defense, and introspection.

Honey Bear Pearls are said to impart their particular magical virtues to their owner. Honey Bear Pearls are characteristic of its host animal; they possess all the awesome characteristics that may be seen in the Bear itself; the balance and strength of this animal is contained within the pearl waiting for its proper owner to bestow its inner magic to that unique and fortunate individual.

For centuries shamans, priestesses, spiritualists and practitioners of the occult have used Bear animal pearls to transfer the powerful magical energy of the Bear to themselves and to others in need of this commanding animal magic. Honey Bear Pearls are highly sought after by any wishing to absorb Bear virtues into their lives and develop stronger mental abilities such as those embodied by the powerful Bear.

The owner of a Honey Bear Pearls will see their lives, spiritual energy and mental clarity imbued with all of the virtues attributed to the Shaman of the woods, the Bear. The Bear animal totem is a strong spirit indeed and its magical properties are one of the most influential of all animal totems.

Strength in leadership, Shamanistic energy,  the wisdom to know when to speak, higher self-esteem and so much more can be integrated into the spirit of the possessor of this magical pearl and the Bear totem.

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