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Labelled as cloud or wind Pearls,
these are probably misunderstood by shamans or the collectors however we have
labelled them as both as its difficult to tell their exact origin.

About Cloud Pearls

Garuda Puranam
, Chapter LXIX (69) -“Suta said… A cloud-grown pearl rarely reaches
this mortal globe, and usually falls to the lot of the celestials.  By
illuminating the four quarters of the sky with its native lustre, a
cloud-begotten pearl, like the sun dispels the gloom of a cloudy day. 
Outshining the combined effulgence of the fire, the moon, and the myriads of
scintillating stars, such a pearl, like the dawn of day, can dispel the gloom of
even the darkest night on earth.  The whole earth, girdled by the four
oceans containing innumerable gems in the fathomless depths, can not be deemed
as the adequate price of such a pearl, even if she be covered over with layers
of pure gold.  A man, born in indigence and of humble parents, but
happening to be the possessor of such a pearl, only through the transformation
of a good deed done in a previous existence, is sure to be the paramount
sovereign of the entire surface of the Earth.  Not to the good deeds of the
king alone, but to the better fortune of the whole humanity, should be ascribed
the advent of such a man on earth, and no evil would ever strike the land to the
extent of a thousand Yojanas (a Yojana is about 8 to 9 miles) round the place of
his birth.”

 “They say that pearl
is produced in the clouds of the seventh layer of wind in the sky in the manner
of hail-stones.  It falls there with the brilliance of lightning and is
taken away (before it reaches the earth) by the denizens of
heaven. “

About Cloud
Pearls from the Garuda Purana

“Cloud pearls, being naturally
effulgent like the sun, illuminate the sky in all directions and dispel the
darkness of cloudy days Glowing brighter than the combined light of the moon,
the twinkling stars, and fire, a cloud-born pearl dissipates even the darkest
night exactly like the sunrise. A cloud pearl is so priceless that the entire
earth, with her oceans filled with countless jewels and covered in layers of
gold, would not be equal in value. Cloud pearls rarely reach this earthly world,
because they are usually taken away by the demigods.

“Even a low born man would become supreme ruler of the
entire world if, as result of some past pious actions, he were to come into
possession of such a pearl. The appearance of such a man on earth who obtained a
cloud pearl during his lifetime would bring good fortune not only to himself,
but to the entire human race as well. No form of evil could even touch the land
within an 8,000 mile radius of his birthplace.”

By Richard
S. Brown, Gemologist (G.I.A.)

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