by Zahir Karbani

6.1 Potential Attributes

As a new mustika pearl owner, don’t be surprised when you discover their ability to aid you in manifesting mystical and metaphysical abilities and powers. You’re likely curious as to what you can look forward to…

• Enhancing your mental faculties
• Honing your skills of influence
• Attracting better luck
• Increasing your prosperity
• Escalating your social standing
• Improving domestic affairs and
• Minimizing the attacks of negative spirits, energies and other dark forces

But perhaps the most promising benefit of mustikas and bezoars is their ability to boost occult powers like…

• Astral projection
• Precognition
• Telepathy
• Clairvoyance
• Invulnerability
• Invisibility and
• Greater powers of mental persuasion

These are just a small sampling of the metaphysical properties our mustikas and bezoars can offer your magickal rituals, powers of attraction, potions and ESP.

6.2 Becoming a “Spell-Binding” Individual

Mustika pearls and bezoar stones make it easier to enhance and empower your magickal rituals, spells, charms, amulets and talismans. All you need to do is simply apply the unique energy that emanates from your pearl, directly into the intended object.

The natural intensity of our pearls and stones makes them an ideal accessory for performing magickal rituals and when attempting other metaphysical exercises.

As a matter of fact, several professional occult practitioners refuse to carry out their rituals and ceremonies without their pearls.

While all mustikas and bezoars are alive with raw occult energy, the resident elementals our stones are infused with also help you, the practitioner, achieve your results and ambitions – rendering successful rites and rituals, effective spells and powerful talismans.

6.3 Overall Benefits

All in all, mustika and bezoar ownership brings about a number of powerful incentives…

• Deeper meditation
• Access to elevated spiritual practices
• Enhancing your own energy frequency and
• Creating a more powerful vibration – capable of elevating your very soul

We search long, hard and far in our efforts to acquire these rare, precious formations. Each and every stone we add to our collection must first meet rigorous standards. The result is the most solid, long-lasting, natural blessings – the most powerful known to Man for thousands of years.

Our buyers and collectors have reported experiencing a vast array of magickal attributes manifesting in response to the influence of our mustika pearls and bezoar stones. Thanks to the feedback and testimonials we’ve received – not to mention what we’ve gained from our own first hand experience – we KNOW that our stones can completely transform your life from one of mundane existence to one of unlimited potential, complete with magickal abilities, you’ll obtain life-long protection from psychic attacks, dark magic, and other negative disruptions.

This article was published on Tuesday 27 November, 2007.

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