Referenced Essay On Mustika Pearls & Bezoar Stones (Page 3)

by Zahir Karbani

7.1 – Types of Potential Attributes.

Owners have found that mustika pearls/bezoar stones help convey various mystical abilities and metaphysical powers, including enhanced mental faculties, influential attributes, attracting more luck and prosperity, improvement in one’s social and domestic affairs, limitation of effects from negative spirits, energies or dark forces. Wearers have noticed changes in their everyday practice, noticing advances in occult powers, astral projection, precognition, telepathic abilities, clairvoyance capabilities, invulnerability, invisibility, mind control and can use these pearls to aid in magickal rituals for love potions, attraction powers and ESP abilities.

7.2 – Spellbinding Individuals.

One can simply empower any magickal rituals, spells or hand made Magickal Charms, Amulets and Talismans by simply applying energies emanating from the pearls and projecting or directing the force into any desired object. Their powers intensity allows them to be the perfect accessory in performing magickal rituals and attempting metaphysical vocation. Professionally, many occult adepts never carry out magickal rituals or operations without the use of these pearls; not only do they provide raw occult energy, the spirits within them, help manifest the desired outcome developing in the owners mind, thus creating a successful magickal ritual.

7.3 – Overall Benefits.

These magickal pearls aid in meditation and spiritual practices, changing the overall body frequency and raising its spiritual vibration to elevate the soul. Our bezoar stones are rare and very scarce, however they are the most concrete, long-lasting natural blessings known to Man for thousands of years. Many individuals have experienced the many magickal attributes existing in these mustika pearls/bezoar stones, which can indeed transform ones mundane life to convey and express various magickal abilities, forever protecting the owner from psychic and black magic attacks.


8.1 – Question and Verify Foreign Dealers.

Many spiritual websites claim to possess natural gems or crystals with magickal powers, where powers have been infused into them. They do not naturally contain elemental spirits; however they have spirits which have been purposely bound to the gem or crystal. There are many antique dealers on the web, who sell items that are questionable or hacked up merchandise for bargain prices. There are some who claim they have genuine articles and obtain information about pearls from our website to replicate onto auction sites such as eBay.

It is important to check how these sellers ensure their items are genuine. We ensure our pearls contain natural elementals and we also provide you will full instructions on their name, age, etc. We sell genuine pearls which have been verified by two professional and independent psychics.

Also spend sufficient time to check that the sellers or resellers are genuine, try some background checks or confirm that the business is operating correctly and has a good standing with its customers. Confirm whether it is operating correctly under its local business regulations, check their compensation and refund policies to ensure you can legally retrieve money back. When dealing with 3-figure sums, it is in the buyer’s best interest to investigate into a business’s working policy, delivery and returns procedures. Dealing with any foreign business can be harder to track, not to mention any language barriers or foreign business traditions you may come across. There are currently many unregistered individuals and businesses in operation, who are selling fake pearls or pearls which they have not physically got in-stock, promising the buyer something they cannot guarantee to dispatch themselves.

Also, beware of sellers, who fabricate false claims against ManiZone and its associates, these may appear in articles, forums, blogs and websites. These may be generated by our competitors since our entry into the market, has consequently lessened the prices they had been charging. The changes in the prices have caused much disruption in their businesses as their goal was to monopolise in this market. Our entry into the market has fuelled these competitors to use all means necessary to cut our supply, ruin our reputation and to throw us out of the market. Such competitors have even gone lengths to fabricating new selling tactics and instilling fear into the clients mind. For example, claiming that it is completely necessary to follow strict procedures for a pearl to work in harmony with its owner. These so called necessary procedures were not required before our inception into the mustika pearls market. This shows that competitors are using fear tactics on their buyers through opportunistic behaviour.

8.2 – Psychic Checks

Many buyers are doubtful in their first purchase of pearls and tend to seek advice off other psychics and spiritualists who possess certain psychic powers. To verify the pearl, you may wish to seek the advice of a psychic whom you trust. However, let us advise that not all are skilled in providing the type of information you require. They may mislead you by saying the pearls are not as powerful as you think they are. There are reasons for this type of response, keep in mind that your trusted psychic does not want to reveal the pearls true powers as it may jeopardise the selling of their own items which they may wish for you to purchase instead. It is advisable that you approach someone who is not a potential competitor of ManiZone, since they may not want you to buy from us at all. The mustika pearls differ in size, surface texture and surface pattern and in overall they differ by being either opaque or transparent. Certain characteristics in the pearl’s appearance may deem it to be a fake item, however they should not be immediately judged in this way. Mani Zone has overcome the possible differences in opinion; we have experienced psychics who deal with these pearls on a regularly basis. They work independently of each other and the conclusion of the pearl’s power is agreed by both. This verification from two different psychics identify that our pearls are genuine and verified and we then offer these online. The pawangs who obtain these pearls have been doing so for many years and are working in a loyal partnership directly under our administration.

8.3 – Manufactured Pearls.

Unfortunately, there are some pearls which have been manufactured to look like bezoar stones and mustika pearls. Our researchers have investigated several pearls which are circulating the market. These sellers are not the pawangs, but resellers, collectors or laypersons acting as a ‘middleman’ between the sellers and the pawangs. They have offered members of our research team, pearls which look strangely alike, the giveaway signs are pearls whose surface area indicates indentations, impressions and protrusions made from possible mechanical equipment, making pearls look exactly the same. We have found that these types of pearls were manufactured using some sort of hard resin. We have had these types of pearls psychically tested to ensure that they are fakes and we have found that some do not even have an elemental/nature spirit residing within them; others have had spirits bound to the pearls by psychics, so that an ordinary layperson or psychic is able to detect some sort of energy or activity. Our psychics are able to identify which pearls have spirits in them naturally and which pearls have spirits bound or infused into them.


9.1 – Our Competitive Prices.

Before our entry into this market, we noticed the extortionate prices being charged by sellers of mustika pearls. At one time, we also used to purchase pearls at these high prices, but noticed others with a smaller budget were not able to get hold of these and benefit from them like us. We believe that these pearls should be available for the majority of the public. Since our entry into the market, we have been able to reduce the cost of these pearls considerably. The average price of the cheapest pearls then, were being sold at £150 – £200, we managed to undercut this by half as we entered to approximately ranging between £50 – £80. Correspondingly, the prices of all our pearls are far cheaper than those on the market and we do so by constantly working to cut our administration costs. We have now successfully introduced far more competitive and realistic prices, to benefit the end user.

9.2 – Our Policy

Mani Zone believes in only providing the unprocessed, unique and entirely natural mustika pearls/bezoar stones. These are the most natural and exceptional gems available to the public.

Mani Zone would like to present information in its utmost honesty. This is why we will advise that the animal totem virtues / powers on the site are guidelines. Not all pearls possess every power listed under its description. The report from the detection will be given to you regarding your specific pearl and the virtues and powers specific to that pearl. At times, you may notice, you could have more unique powers than mentioned in our general literature about that type of pearl. Please share your experiences with us and any other powers or virtues you feel you may have gained through practice. The virtues or powers are not easily obtainable, only through dedicated and lengthy practice will you be able to obtain and possess part or majority of the power within your pearl. If you are already skilled in the occult arts then it may be easier for you to detect its powers and obtain and acquire them more quickly. The virtues and powers of the pearl will not make you super human. Any powers gained are solely by the grace of God, and by the elemental spirit of the pearl deeming you ready to receive such powers.

9.3 – Verification Process.

The mustika pearls/bezoar stones we sell are all subjected to our verification process to certify that they are the most genuine and authentic pearls. Throughout the acquisition of pearls, we carry our several extensive psychic verification scans.

Our first scan is carried out once we are supplied with the pearls. This is done by our psychic who is contracted to work on behalf of Mani Zone. He has over 25 years of experience and practices ilmu al hikmah i.e. Islamic mysticism. He is very proficient in the field of psychic communication with mustika pearls and also has much expertise in kerises. He has the experience and knowledge we require to select the genuine pearls. The second scan is carried out in the U.K. by a psychic partner here. He will recheck the pearls authenticity to catch any details which may have been missed in the first instance. The psychic in the U.K. has over 35 years of spiritual and shamanistic experience. He specialises in psychometry detection & clairvoyance, with this he is able to detect through paranormal perception the pearl’s history and psychic vibration through touch and trace up the history of the pearls spiritual signature and origin. This validates and ascertains the information provided by our sources abroad. All the pearls are checked in this way, and it is only after the psychic readings are complete that we proceed to issue the pearl for sale on our site.

This article was published on Sunday 23 November, 2008.

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