Referenced Essay On Mustika Pearls & Bezoar Stones (Page 2)

by Zahir Karbani

5.1 – Prized Possessions.

For centuries many great myths, legends and tales focused around the subject of magickal pearls, power charms, talismans & amulets, and most of these stories referred actually to mustika pearls/bezoar stones. These powerful amulets and charms contained magickal stones or magickal pearls which bestowed great fortune and power to its keepers. Undoubtedly, these myths and legends are actually true facts relating directly to the mustika pearls/bezoar stones sold by Mani Zone, and we strongly believe their usage and benefits should not remain in scriptures or past texts for us to simply read about, but should be readily available for all to benefit from. It is only for the reason that over the ages, knowledge to acquire such pearls faded away and this is why crystals and gemstones were used instead. Mani Zone has sought genuine suppliers to supply these wonderful pearls to cater for the needs of those wanting to proceed in the spiritual path with success, irrespective of caste, colour and creed.

For many years these powerful and magickal mustika pearls have been prized possessions of Kings,[i]shamans, spiritualists, wizards, royalty, spiritual and natural healers. Many have collected these rare, sacred and magickal mustika pearls/bezoar stones for centuries; especially the royal and political leaders who wielded the power from these and applied it to there everyday life in order to gain authority and a magickal presence to create and change reality.[ii]

5.2 – Documentation.

The first and most common documentation in religious literature was in the Hindu holy text Garuda Purana. It mentions sacred natural gemstones, also known as Vedic pearls, considered to be magickal mustika pearls/bezoar stones. The nine pearls of Vedic tradition are the Conch Pearl, Cobra Pearl, Boar Pearl, Elephant Pearl, Bamboo Pearl, Whale Pearl, Fish Pearl and the Cloud Pearl.[iii] The formation of these would differ between them, i.e. the Bamboo Pearl forms in the stem of the Bamboo Plant, while others such as the Cloud Pearl have no documented formation process, however many pawangs have described how they have manifested in front of them.

The same gems were cited again in the treatise Brihat-Samhita (The Great Compilation) written by an Indian mathematician, Varahamihira. Now, these are commonly known as ‘the Nine Pearls’ or ‘Nava Moti’ or ‘Nine Mani’ (meaning ‘nine gems’).

The first documentation in the Western World was made by scientist Albertus Seba in the 18th Century. His work was entitled ‘Cabinet of Natural Curiosities’ where a collection of different types of Bezoar stones were hand sketched to record the various types found.[iv]

The most recent references to bezoar stones was in the Harry Potter books. It was first introduced in the first book, ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’. When during Harry’s first potions lesson, Professor Snape asks Harry where he would look for a bezoar, and later reveals it is to be found in the stomach of a goat.[v] The second reference is in ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ where during a potion’s test, Harry forgets to add a crucial element to his antidote – a bezoar, as he was anxious about preparing to ask Cho Chang to the Yule Ball.[vi] The third and most detailed mention of bezoars is in the book ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’. Again, set in the potions class, all students are required to produce an antidote for a complex mix of poisons. With close to nothing to show at the end of the task, Harry runs into the supplies cupboard and retrieves a bezoar. No one has succeeded in making a good antidote, but when Professor Slughorn comes to Harry’s table, Harry simply holds up the bezoar. Slughorn is amused and tells Harry that he thinks he is like his mother; he then takes the bezoar and absently tucks it into his bag. It becomes vital later on in this story as Ron is given some poisoned mead whilst visiting Professor Slughorn. As a result of drinking this poison, Ron is jerking uncontrollably and foaming at the mouth, as the Professor hesitates in shock, Harry rushes to retrieve the bezoar from the Professor’s bag and shoves it down Ron’s throat, thus saving Ron’s life! [vii]


6.1 – Fortunate Beings.

To be aided by nature itself, with pearls which are not man-made in any part or form is to have something very unique. Those intrigued and fortunate to use these pearls to their full extent will be gifted with nature’s powers to aid their personal spiritual advancement in this degrading world. Bezoar stones have been mentioned and cited in scriptures from folklore and myths for centuries. These pearls offered, are all powerful and protect its owner from negative energies and spirits.

6.2 – Greater Potency.

The indwelling spirit and magickal properties of the mustika pearls/bezoar stones make them highly beneficial; they are more potent and therefore more effective than gemstones or crystals. When applied to magickal operations and meditation, they truly empower the user’s ability to drive magick to the desired outcome. They can be used for meditation to empower certain brain centres and accelerate psychic and telepathy developments. The spirits that dwell in the stones assist the user in guidance of spell casting and continually advise in practice, and over time can be attuned to the owner enough to understand and be able to carry out actions and instructions to aid in your desired outcome. Unlike, gemstones and crystals which require constant programming to act on a single task, these mustika pearls are able to carry out several tasks to reach and fulfil the owner’s desire. Commanding single tasks to the elemental spirit can bring about more potency in the action wanted to be carried out.

These elementals or spirits can be commanded by its owner to work magic in ways of goodness for the owner and their surroundings. Mustika pearls can also be used to empower ones mind in order to manifest thoughts faster and with immense accuracy.

6.3 – Attuning to the Pearl and Forming the Etheric Link.

They simply can be held for a few minutes everyday, to allow the pearl to attune with the individual. There is no requirement for any special ritual or empowerment to be carried out so that you can attune to the pearl. Many other sellers claim that a pearl cannot be attuned to you without some sort intervention from them to create an etheric link between you and the pearl. This is not true. No intervention by us is required; regular use of the pearl and keeping it on one’s self will create the etheric link naturally over time. We provide you with the name of the elemental/nature spirit and you will be able to communicate your desires to it and you can attune to it this way too. You can also hold the pearl in your hand during meditation to attune to the pearl’s energies; the etheric link is naturally created through your visualisation process.

6.4 – How to use the Pearls.

The pearls can be used in a number of different ways. Our Mustika Pearls & Bezoar Stones can also be worn and embedded in attractive jewellery. Some of the smaller Mustika Pearls & Bezoar Stones are ideal to be set into pendants, rings or even earrings, into Silver or Pure Gold. Currently, we do not provide any craftwork for silver or gold so we are unable to set these into jewellery. However, the pearls can still be set into jewellery of your own style and fashion requirements by your own jeweller.

All pearls can be used to empower one self by immersing the pearls in a bucket of water for a few hours, and then have that same water added to ritualistic baths with pure essences, pure oils and flowers. This will purify one’s aura and eliminate negative energies.

They can also be used to be placed in the home or around the office. This will neutralise negativity and encourage more positive energies, attraction of luck and ideally more customers to your business. They can be used to be placed in healing and therapeutic centres, to calm and neutralise negative attitudes and auras. Encourage positive thinking and ultimately a better working environment.

6.5 – The Use of Mantras.

We have psychically detected a mantra which is associated to your chosen pearl. These mantras are provided in the instruction papers, they are not compulsory, but they can be used if you wish to do so. There are some owners who wish to use these mantras in meditation to help attune to the mustika pearl. This can be a good method of connecting to the pearl. However, as stated previously, there are other methods of attuning with the pearl. Before we entered the market, there were sellers who had sold many pearls without giving information of the pearl’s associated mantra. This was deemed acceptable at that time. However, following our significant position in this market, they are now using this as a selling tactic. By instilling ideas into buyer’s minds; they have now stated that mantras are a necessity and one cannot do without them. This is not true, however, we will state clearly that a mantra can aid in attuning with your pearl. There is no need for any extra payment and this mantra is not so your pearl can be ‘activated’. The mustika pearls are not devices; they constantly have an energy/vibration, which can be felt by anyone who has put in sufficient time and effort into attuning with the pearls. The mantra is just another form of connecting to it and absorbing its powers.

6.6 – Purification of the Pearls.

Since mustika pearls protect you from negative energies or forces, it is important to cleanse your pearl regularly. The pearl must be placed in a glass of water, with a minimum of 6 teaspoons of salt. The pearl must be left like this for up to 48 hours and the salt water later disposed down the sink. This method of cleansing is important for your pearl and its elemental, as any negative energy the pearl has absorbed for you will then be transferred into the Salt. The negative dross which has been cleansed from the owner’s auric field and psychic attacks from others will be transferred into the salt. This process will keep your pearl and its elementals vibration running at optimum health.

During our psychic scanning procedures should we come across any pearls which have absorbed negative energies from there past owners or shamans then this will be cleansed through psychic means whereby the negative energies will be removed from the auric field the pearls carry. These pearls will be cleansed before being offered onto our website.

6.7 – Owning Numerous Pearls.

It is safe and advantageous to own more than one pearl, there is no limit to how many pearls one can possess. Unlike the use of crystals and gemstones, which are related to astrological influences, the possession of particular gemstones can cause more harm to an individual than good, resulting in negativity reaching the owner. This mythology is not true for mustika pearls, since anyone can possess whichever pearl they are attracted to. The elemental spirits are far more evolved and continuously work to attract positive energy to the individual and repel bad and negative energy. Collectively, these pearls will not harm each other, the owner or their surroundings. All the pearls we offer are of positive nature and will always work to benefit its owner. It is also acceptable to keep these pearls in close proximity of each other. One may wish to inset these pearls into jewellery, etc where they may prefer one or more pearls to be kept beside each other. Other uses may involve keeping the pearls together at your shrine or altar, an area where offerings, incense and oils may be put forward to the dedicated deities. It is also recommended to feed the pearls and its elementals with scented oils and incense. They can also be offered fruit, coffee and milk occasionally. They do not require extensive maintenance and can be placed here to work for the individual in the background.

6.8 – Shrines, Altars and Configurations.

Many dedicated devotees and spiritualists have set up magnificent shrines dedicated to deities, Gods, Goddess, Saints and other religious figures. A Shrine can be arranged with certain religious and sacred objects to enhance the power of the shrine. Setting up a shrine with mustika pearls & bezoar stones can add more power and help one to attune easily to the higher intelligence the shrine is dedicated for.

The shrine can be specially configured to manifest the individual’s desired outcomes and also be used as a space for meditation and spiritual exercises; this then becomes one’s sacred space. A Shrine can also be constructed in the home or office to generate positive energies and neutralise many negative energies in the surrounding environment. There are many different types of configurations which will generate affects in different ways, such as attracting luck and prosperity. Some configurations create a shield against negative thought forms and psychic attacks whereas others help attract higher spiritual intelligence to ones sacred place. These shrines can also be an area of retreat for the individual to reconcile and regenerate positive energies through contemplation and meditation sessions. Setting up a shrine with magickal pearls will begin to create a magickal fortress of protection, shielding the area from psychic attacks and negative etheric and astral beings.

Much of the magician’s work is operated in front of an altar and if configured correctly with magickal pearls it can greatly empower and aid the magician in spell casting and ritual work. Certain magickal configuration open doors to different realms, this has been known to assist in manifestation work, bringing back magickal objects from the magickal and fairy realms. Many of the shamans who work to acquire pearls have been known to setup certain magickal configurations to help their ritual work to gain higher chances success when trying to retrieve pearls.



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This article was published on Sunday 23 November, 2008.

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