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Snake genital fossil from Sanca Manuk Snake –
Sanca species

These are rare Snake fossilized
genitals, Highly prized by Shamans for its Raw Magical Energies. There are many
application for such fossil apart from its healing virtues, these items are
powerful for attraction and influencing the opposite sex by simply wearing the
object on yourself.


Other Applications Use: Empower
Water (For Shower or Drinking) Empower Oils (For Love Spells and Application on
one Self) Use this for Magical Rituals for Remote Influence or Even to enhance
ones Sexual Powers.


These types of Fossils are
powerful for Healing oneself from Sexual dysfunction or medical problems. A True
Collectors Items. Highly recommended for those who are single or would like to
enhance there sexual appear or abilities.


Virtues: Raw Sexual
Energy/Magical Power For Ritual and Spells, Develop High Level Sexual Prowess,
Improves Sexual Abilities, Healing Sexual Dysfunction Problems, Develop Powerful
Enchanting Presence, Increase Your Sex Appeal. Create Powerful Love

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