Semar Mesem Fossil – Large C7


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Semar Mesem Fossil – Large C7


Semar Mesem Fossil - Large C7

Very unique fossils found buried in the area of sacred temple and Keraton in Java.

These are believed to be once Keraton artifacts that have been fossilized.

Semar is a Javanese puppet figure that represents the symbol of singularity of God. Its literal meaning is the “Meaning of Life Guidance”

The characteristics of Semar can be perceived as follows:

  1. Semar is not a woman nor a man
  2. Semar looks like a child yet looks also very old
  3. Semar is known to laugh but always ends up crying.
  4. Semar’s face shows a crying eyes but a smiling face
  5. Semar’s sometimes viewed as standing or as squating
  6. Semar always gives consequences of all his advices

Semar is always represented as a figure that guides and saves all the “Pandawa” which later represents the Kings of Java. Semar is considered as one of the most powerful and oldest God that holds the truth and honesty.

The virtues of this fossilized Semar Artifacts are as follows:

  1. Developing spiritual powers
  2. Assisting in communication with spiritual entities and spiritual beings
  3. Developing magickal powers
  4. Attuning one to divine spiritual forces


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