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The Owl Totem indicates
magic and omens, knowledge and of course, great wisdom. They are creatures
of the night and the moon. Owls figure into many myths and
legends. They have many names in many cultures; the American Indian tribe,
the Cherokee’s called them Uguuk, the Russians Sovah, and the Ecuadorians call
them Huhua. They are the spirit and animal totem of Athena the Goddess of
Wisdom and she was often portrayed with an Owl perched upon her shoulder.


So much myth and legend
surrounds the mighty Owl that it is impossible to list them all with any
brevity. The Native Americans associate the Owl with magic, astral travel,
and clairvoyance. They have the power to see what is unseen. Shaman,
witches and sorcerers were very fond of the Owl as a totem and spiritual
guide. Owls are said to be able to see through deception to the truth
contained beneath the lies.  Indian folklore and Greek legend portrays them
as helpers of man and givers of prophecy.  In the Middle Ages of Europe
wealth, abundance and riches were associated with them.


Owls are well known by
mystics to be able to sense those with magical powers and can see the good or
evil in people. They are messengers of the Gods, and the Universe to many
cultures. To the Celts associated the Owl with the ability to guide others
through and to the underworld. They will unmask those who seek to take
advantage of ones kindness and reveal the hidden motives of those who seek to
disguise their real intentions to those wise enough to seek their counsel.


The Owl is a silent and
swift hunter; they are nocturnal and hunt only at night. Their eyesight is
very keen and their night vision is even better than their day vision. Their
hearing is among the best in the Bird Kingdom. They rest and sleep in the
morning and afternoon hours. Owls come in many sizes, from the very small
miniatures, some of which live inside cactuses to the Great Grey Owl with a wing
span of five feet. They usually dine on small rodents, insects, frogs and
bats. Their natural habits range from the Northern, Central and Southern
United States to Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and throughout all of
Canada and Australia. There are over two-hundred species of Owl in the
world today.


Owls come in a variety
of colors, including, snowy white, bronze, brown, black, charcoal, and grey;
there are also Owls which display a variety of colors as well as spotted,
striped and speckled Owls. They are quite a beautiful bird and one can consider
themselves lucky if they get an opportunity to see one up close in the
wild. The distinctive and infamous hoot of an Owl is one of the most
unmistakable bird calls in the entire Bird Kingdom. However, most Owls do
not “hoot” or simply hoot; many hiss, screech, whistle, purr and chirp. They
have a variety of sounds in their repertoire of calls which vary by what they
want to convey or by the species. The Romans believed the hoot of an Owl
indicated that a death was forthcoming.  The deaths of Julies Caesar,
Augustus and Agrippa were all predicted by the hoot of an Owl.


To watch an Owl in the
wild is to truly experience its grace and magnetism; sturdy strength, and still
watchfulness. They are not ordinarily aggressive but they are rather
shy. Most roost alone, some roost in pairs, and still others roost in
groups. Groups of Owls are called a Parliament. They will guard their
roost and offspring fiercely. Barn Owls mate for life and both parents feed
and care for their young. Their talons are razor sharp as are their beaks;
they do not have many natural predators, but rather are predators of the animal


The Superlative Owl
Totem possesses the following virtues:

Powerful magic, good
omens, prophecy, astral travel, power to see the un-seen, all seeing knowledge,
great wisdom, good luck, power of the moon and night, insight, giving and
receiving messages, clairvoyance, religious beliefs, communication with the
sprit world, and insight into others true motives.


Owl Animal Pearls are
said to impart their particular magical virtues to their owner. Owl Pearls are
characteristic of its host; they possess all the awe-inspiring characteristics
that may be seen in the Owl itself; the dignity and grace of this animal is
contained within the pearl waiting for its proper owner to bestow its inner
magic to that unique and fortunate individual. 


For century’s shamans,
priestesses, witches, sorcerers, wizards, spiritualists and practitioners of the
occult have used Owl animal pearls to transfer the powerful magical energy of
the Owl to themselves and to others in need of this commanding animal magic.


 Owl pearls are
highly sought after by any wishing to absorb Owl like virtues into their lives
and develop stronger mental abilities such as those embodied by this magnificent
creature. The owner of an Owl pearl will see their lives, spiritual energy
and mental clarity imbued with all of the virtues attributed to the “Wisest” of
the bird kingdom the Owl. 


The Owl animal totem is
a strong spirit indeed and its magical properties are one of the most
influential of all animal totems. Strength, virtue, clairvoyance and so
much more can be integrated into the spirit of the possessor of this magical
pearl and the Owl totem.

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