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Linga Yoni Type



The Linga Yoni
pearls are known to be good for attracting relationships, strengthening the bond
between lovers and couples alike. They assist in sexual prowess and consequently
are good to ward off negative relationships. There are a lot of references, to
the term ‘linga yoni’, with the earliest descending from prehistoric Hindu
Shaivism, the eternal couple Shiva – Shakti, which represent male and female
energies, the linga and the yoni, known always to be together. The linga
embraced by the yoni forms the central object, whilst the yoni is below it
representing divinity and both showing the union of male and female energies,
not just in sexuality, but also as electro-magnetic


The Male-Female
union in the form of ‘Phallus’ or ’Shiva Linga’ or ‘Yoni-Linga’ may be visualized as a parallel to
the Chinese philosophy of ‘Yin-Yang’ or ‘the Male-Female.”  Metaphysically,
it also is the most scientific philosophy that explains fundamentals of
existence through ‘positive and negative’ or ‘male and female’ aspects of matter
and life, corresponding to the virtues of the pearl, of strengthening the bond
between lovers and couples.


In addition, the
linga in its movement creates a yoni, just as a point in its movement can create
a circle. This relationship can be seen in many diverse phenomena in the Nature,
such as the circular movement of the stars, planets and nebulae. With the
perspective that the central luminary is the linga and its field of revolution
is the yoni, we can see this relation in the planets. For example, observe the
Solar System with the planets around the Sun forming a yoni or circle as they
revolve around the Sun, in this case the Sun is the linga of the solar system,
its central principle or axis. Yet the Sun itself is revolving around other
stars and creating a yoni or circle of its own.



The Linga Yoni pearls assist in raising the Kundalini energies and
are highly recommended for Tantric/Yoga practitioners.

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