Dragon Hair – Type B3


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Dragon Hair Type

Strange & Unique
fossilised artefacts, these are believed to be hair/scale aspects
of the dragon. This magical fossil was found in a deep cave located
in the East Java Province.

Virtues: Raw Magical Power, Attracts Luck &
Prosperity, Development of Shamanic & Magical Powers, Healing,
Magical Protection against Black Magick & Demon Spirits,
Personal Magnetism.

Magical Virtues:
Powers of influence, Occult/Magickal Powers, Healing, Regeneration,
Personal Magnetism, Charismatic Presence, Attracts Love, Attracts
Luck, Business Success, Improves Social Standings, Wards of Psychic
Attacks and Black Magick etc etc

Most of these Dragon Stones
have their own unique powers these will be provided in the Psychic

The above Virtues are general
and apply on a broader scale.

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