Of Magick and Black Magick


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Of Magick and Black Magick

The idea of performing magick and has fascinated human beings for centuries. The practice is not only an art but a deeply misunderstood and long established religion. There is much confusion among many people concerning the differences between Wicca, magick and black magick. These different species of practice should never be confused. True Wicca’s do not practice anything resembling black magick or attempt to harm others with their faith or beliefs. Wicca’s essential practice a pagan religion that looks to the Earth for guidance and the basis for its practices and traditions. Because of the secrecy that was often the case involving Wicca groups or covens, they acquired a reputation of being involved in dark or black magick. This is not, however, the case. The reasons for their secrecy was often due to misconceptions and fear that came from those who practiced other religions such as Christianity, Catholicism and Judaism. Fear of something that the masses considered strange or different created many rumors and false accusations that lead those who practices this ancient pagan belief to go underground, so to speak. While those who practice black magick exist and have always existed, this is not a widespread or accepted practice of those who claim Wicca as their faith.

Wicca’s have a strong belief in what is called the “Law of Threefold Return,” which simply means that what ever you do to others that is good or bad will return to you triple fold. Thus, the idea that Wicca’s practice black magick is contradictory to their base traditions. They live by the idea that if they cause harm to others that harm will be returned to them three times over. Black magick exclusively includes harming others in some form or another, so this is not something that true witches consider to be a healthy or worthwhile practice. Of course, as said, there are always some who feel that they will not be accountable or suffer for harm they cause others, but this is a dangerous way of thinking that ultimately catches up with the practitioner of black magick.

Magick has many powerful uses if one desires to employ them and take the time to learn how to properly learn the art of magick. Prayer, rituals and casting or the most common methods of using or creating magick spells. A great many people who don’t necessarily believe in “magick” as it is depicted in fiction and films such as Harry Potter, will still admit to believing in psychic readings or tarot card readings. These practices, while not necessarily considered magick, could be thought of as a form of magick in their own right. Many have experienced tarot card readings that were truly on target in regard to past, present and future events. These experiences often change people’s minds about the use of magickal means to predict future events and help guide them when making decisions. Still others find the entire idea of magick and anything remotely related to it as fanciful thoughts reserved for children and people they consider strange and unusual. The best offence if you are on the fence about your beliefs in magick and other related practices is to learn more and research the topic as much as possible. The best way to make a decision about anything unknown, is to learn as much about it from all points of view so that you can decide for yourself if they are worth pursuing or not.

Many people prefer their magick in the form of talisman or good luck charms. Still others rely on crystals, rocks, stones and gems to bring them good luck and good fortune. This in itself is a form of belief in magick as it puts belief in something unknown. Many people have found Mustika pearls or stones to be helpful as use for talisman or to bring magickal elements into their lives. These items are very interesting and are said to have many virtues and properties that people find helpful and beneficial. They are similar to crystals and other items considered magickal and mystical. Again, whether these types of items hold any magickal power that can enhance your life and improve it, is for you and you alone to decide.

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