Magickal Pearl

Magickal Pearl

Mustika Pearls/Bezoar Stones

Magickal pearls or mustikas/bezoar stones are formed in the body of an animal or plant by an elemental spirit that has made its home there. They are rare and only found in wild places of high elemental energy. The elemental spirit will have found an affinity with a particular animal or plant, in much the same way a shaman does, and will then form a symbiotic relationship with its host. The elemental will live in the animal or plant for many years, and its presence gradually forms the mustika. When the animal or plant dies, the elemental is still bound to the pearl, and now seeks to form a new magickal alliance, so it will call to any shaman in the area sensitive enough to hear the call. During its time in the body of the animal or plant, the elemental will have taken on many of the powers of its host. It is most likely to call to a shaman who has experience with the same species, and is ready to use its power.

It is a common practice in shamanism to journey to the underworld to meet a power animal, and then to take a vision quest to receive guidance and gifts from the spirit world. The vision quest takes place in a secluded area in nature, usually chosen for a particularly high spiritual energy. It is during such vision quests that the elemental of the mustika speaks to the shaman and leads him to the carcass of the animal or remains of the tree or plant, and guides him to obtain the mustika.

There are also mustikas that are obtained from non-physical beings. There are two ways in which I have obtained these. First, they are revealed by nature spirits in magickal areas in nature, while the shaman is engaged in magickal work there. The elemental and faerie realms co-exist with the human world on the earth, but in a different dimension. At some power spots, the veil between the worlds is thinner, and magickal objects that lie in these spots in other dimensions can appear in our world. This is partly because the magickal working opens further the veil between the worlds, but mostly because the elementals guarding the sacred site have deemed the shaman worthy and gift the magickal object to him.

The other way in which they have come is by directly manifesting in my hands. This method I have no control over, nor do I intend to manifest any object. During a very intense healing ceremony, a dimensional doorway begins to open in my hands, and healing gifts manifest for participants in the ceremony. These are not always mustikas, but can also include roots, crystals and yantras. It is during the most powerful dragon magick workings that mustikas have manifested from dragons. This gets easier the more dragon pearls you have. Once you have seven dragon pearls, the obtaining of gifts from other dimensions becomes quite regular.

A dragon pearl mustika is particularly powerful magickally. They can take several hundred years to form in the body of the dragon, and the dragon does not die, but gifts the pearl to a magician when its relationship to the elemental is complete. It is only the elemental kings, queens, shamans and saints that can live in the dragon, so you can be assured that a very wise and powerful spirit will exist in the dragon pearl, which has, of course, learned magick from the dragon over several hundred years.

How to communicate with the Elemental

Communication with the elemental is quick and easy for a shaman, as such forms of communication have been developed over time. There is, however, a quick way you can learn to communicate with the elemental of a mustika. It helps to first relax your body as much as possible. Soft movements such as Tai Chi help open the flow, otherwise just standing and swaying from side to side, with a slight turn of the waist, while allowing the arms to swing naturally for a few minutes will loosen up the body quite well. Once it is loose and open, you will sense energy flowing through the body more easily. Now if you hold the mustika, you will sense its power flowing into your hand, This is the first step to bonding with its spirit.

Next, sit down with it and close your eyes. What you are going to do is create a place between your worlds specially for communication with elementals. Relax deeply, trying to forget the world. Imagine a beautiful, peaceful place in nature. Open all your senses there. As you relax deeper, begin to see the scenery of your inner world, then hear the sounds that should be there, smell the air, touch and feel the texture of trees, grass or ground, feel the air on your skin, even begin to taste the atmosphere. Then invite the spirit to meet you here. It may come in animal form, or in human form to make it easier to talk with. Ask it its name. You should remember this name, as it will allow you to call on the spirit any time. This journey becomes easy and clear with a little practice.

Using the Mustika

Once you know the elementals name, you can call it and ask it to help with any magickal working. There are simple ways to absorb power from it too. First, just place it on a chakra and ask it to empower you. Secondly, you can put it in a glass of water for half an hour, asking it to charge the water to empower you, then drink the water. You can ask for particular powers that come within the demesne of the particular spirit, which will depend on what animal or plant it was obtained from. You can also sleep with it under your pillow and ask it to communicate with you in dreams. Carrying it on you will bring you protection and good luck. During any magickal working, it is valuable to keep it on you and ask it to help your magick.

Care of the Elemental

Every living being requires to be fed in some way, to restore the power you will be using. The elementals of mustikas are simply fed with light and scent. They should be exposed to sun or moonlight regularly, passed through incense smoke, anointed with natural essential oils, and when you are not carrying them, leave a scented flower next to them.

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