Magickal use of Mustika Pearls

Magickal Use Of Mustika Pearls


Here are a number of magickal workings to help you get the most out of your mustika pearls, ranging from money drawing to higher spiritual empowerments.

1. The bamboo pearl empowerment

This can be used to draw wealth into your life, or to manifest any desire you like. You need a bamboo mustika pearl.

Copy the following diagram on to three separate sheets of paper.


Put your bamboo pearl in water for half an hour, asking the elemental to empower the water to fulfil your desire. Mist the water over the three diagrams, then allow them to dry.

On the first two sheets, list all the things you want to release from your life, to make space for your new goals. On the third sheet, list the positive things you wish to manifest. Now go out into nature. Place the first sheet on top of a hill. Bury the second sheet in the Earth. Throw the third sheet into water.

This empowerment will begin to make change within 48 hours.

2. Dragon Pearl Manifestation Empowerment

This empowerment requires four Dragon pearls. You will need the flower of life symbol, shown below.



Place the four Dragon pearls on the spaces marked in purple. This forms the Dragons eye symbol, which is a powerful doorway into Dragon power. All you have to do is sit looking at the four pearls on the symbol, and allow your mind to drift into a reverie. Anything you visualize will be empowered by the dragons to manifest.

3) Flower of Life Dragon Empowerment

This requires seven Dragon pearls. When all seven Dragon pearls are placed together on the circles of the flower of life, so that you have six in a hexagram with one in the centre, a portal is created which can produce miracles. It can awaken all kinds of spiritual powers in you, and can also allow magickal gifts to manifest from other dimensions. Setting them up on your altar and meditating with it daily is all that is needed to bring spiritual powers into your life. Alternatively, to grow metaphysically at maximum speed, sit within a circle of six dragon pearls while holding the seventh, and meditate in this position each day.



Altar Lay-Outs

Mustika pearls can enhance any magickal working by including them in the altar lay-out. Here are a few examples:

1) Kali altar lay-out.

This is best done with cobra pearls. Kali’s symbol is concentric triangles. One lay-out that is extremely powerful is to have three small cobra pearls in a triangle, and three larger king cobra pearls in another triangle outside the first.

This is good for all works of purification and occult development.

2) Sekhmet lay-out.

This simply consists of a triangle of lion pearls.

It is very powerful for rituals of magickal protection and cleansing, curse removal and uncrossing.

3) Isis lay-out.

Again, cobra pearls are ideal for this kind of magickal altar, but in this case seven pearls are layed out in a Sirian triangle, which is quite a tall triangle, whose sides are nine units compared to a base of four units.

This can be used for rituals of abundance, love, healing, lucid dreaming or psychic development.

4) Lakshmi wealth Altar

You will need six of any kind of mustika pearl that is recommended for wealth, such as bamboo, goldfish, Dragon. They should be layed out in a hexagram around a shree yantra. All you have to do is repeat Lakshmi mantras in front of the altar, to draw in wealth.

Lakshmi mantra: Om shreem MahaLakshmi yai swaha.

Shree Yantra:

Ritual Baths 

Ritual baths are an easy way to use the power of mustikas, as all you have to do is soak in the bath for 15 minutes to absorb various powers into your aura. Water is charged by placing the mustika pearl in a glass of water for half an hour, asking the elemental to empower the water for you. The water is added to the bath, and herbs and colours can be added to enhance it.

1) Purification bath.

This is prepared with cobra, tiger, dragon or naga pearls. Add salt, enough milk to whiten the bath, and fresh basil leaves.

2) Wealth Bath.

This can be prepared from bamboo, Golden carp, dragon or earth bumi pearls. Add saffron and yellow food colouring.

3) Love Bath.

Use deer, dugong or water pearls. Add rose petals and a drop of red food colouring.

4) Health bath.

Use any kind of mustika pearl and add watercress, basil and green food colouring.

5) Strength bath.

To give strength, courage and fortitude to meet ones challenges.

Use Tiger, Lion, Eagle, Chi-lin or Dragon pearls. Add hibiscus, hyssop and red food colouring.

6) Lucid dream bath.

To take before bed time. Use water Dragon pearls, and add camphor and blue food colouring.

Other simple practices.

  • These properties could also be absorbed by drinking the charged water.
  • Shower often charged water using the Mustika Pearl
  • Holding a Mustikapearl during mantra repetition greatly increases the effectiveness of the mantra.
  • Sleep with a mustika pearl under the pillow to induce lucid dreams or to prevent nightmares.
  • Just ask the elemental in the pearl for help with anything you like.
  • Meditation With your Mustika pearl,
  • Tune into it and communicate with your elemental spirit, this helps to bond your relationship stronger.
  • When visualising your goals be sure to hold the Mustika pearl and allow it to add power into your thoughts.
  • Carry your Mustika pearl around with you
  • Use your Mustika pearls during rituals exercises and spells this helps to empower your Magickal work.
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