by Zahir Karbani

1.1 About Us

Mani Zone is a progressive business based in and operated out of the UK. For years, we’ve made it our mission to immerse ourselves in the study and practical applications of metaphysics and occult practices. Our specialty lies in Mustika pearls and bezoar stones.

Initially, we limited our skills and sales to active and renowned spiritualists, occultists and shamans. However, it wasn’t long before the news of our high quality selection spread. As more and more collectors and a growing number of “ordinary” lay people began contacting us, we soon decided to make our treasures available to ANYONE with a driving desire to boost and encourage their spiritual growth.

Since then, our business has experienced growth and expansion so that our rare enchanted gems are now available worldwide. Regardless of where you live – whether surrounded by urban sprawl or secluded in the depths of remote locales – you now have access to the supernatural potential of our high quality stones and pearls.

1.2 Our Mission

Mustika pearls and bezoar stones are treasured for their rarity and scarcity. Saying that finding one is difficult would be an understatement. Discovery demands the experienced aid of knowledgeable shaman trained in the arts necessary to obtain these sacred, magickal stones. Because of this, we at Mani Zone are dedicated to a constant quest for the knowledge and insight we can tap into but researching and learning all we can about Mustika pearls and bezoar stones. In our search, we’ve had unique opportunities to explore the fascinating natural events that set the stage for their formation within the bodies of both animals and plants.

Additionally, we’re dedicated to providing nothing less than the absolute best. To this end, we go to great lengths to scrutinize and authenticate each and every stone we come across. We stay on top of new ground-breaking technology that’s been specifically designed to record the unique sound waves that emanate from these magickal pearls. Relying on a method known as Kirlian Photograph Technology, you can capture their Auric Energy signature. Kirlian photography registers proof of the supernatural aura by taking specialized pictures that pick up the rough outline of an object that resembles a colourful halo, which is unique for every creature and element. Soon, we’ll be able to offer all of our customers this state-of-the-art technology.

Furthermore, Mani Zone is committed to educate others about the supernatural capabilities bezoar stones and Mustika pearls are naturally imbued with. To help realize this goal, we’re focusing our efforts on publishing informative articles that enlighten others regarding the magickal properties and ritual purposes unique to these deeply spiritual stones. We’ve made it our mission to teach the public at large about how these mysterious wonders are formed, while at the same time providing practical training on the proper use of mustika pearls for powerful spiritual advancement and transformation.

Soon, you too will come to understand that the secret of mustika pearls lies in their highly concentrated essence. This essence is what often proves to be the key of making a positive transformation in your personal spiritual life and path.

This article was published on Tuesday 27 November, 2007.

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