Dream Analysis: Some common meanings of Dreams

Dream Analysis:
some common meanings of dreams

Finding meaning from our dreams is something human kind has been curious about for centuries. While some people have prophetic dreams, and can, while they are asleep, foresee the future, most of us are simply processing events that occur during our waking hours. Sometimes dreams will provide answers to problems as our sub-conscious works out situations that we are struggling with; other times our minds are simply organizing data and learned material to better use it while we are awake. Whether the dreams we have are of the inspirational kind, the prophetic sort or just simple thought process, they often don’t seem to make much sense upon first thought. However, when we write down our dreams and give some consideration to them, upon further investigation, they make a great deal of sense. A jumbled dream may seem to just be a lot of disjointed images and thoughts, but they each contain their own meanings to us personally and universally.

While all dreams cannot fit into any category that would allow simple analysis, there are some symbols that are considered common denominators in the dream world that represent particular meanings. Below are a few of the most common dreams people have; what they symbolize and their meanings.

Cage Dreams: If you dream of a cage, chances are that you are feeling trapped by some current situation or that your thoughts are not free flowing.

Falling Dreams: To dream of falling has several meanings, if you are not concerned in the dream about falling, it means you have overcome your fear of failure, if you are frightened as you fall in your dream it may mean that you are feeling out of control and overwhelmed by life.

Flying Dreams: Flying dreams may indicate that you have overcome serious problems in your life and are able to rise above them. It may also point to a need to leave a bad situation in search of something better.

Butterfly, Bird or Dragonfly Dreams: Dreaming of butterflies, birds or any other flying creature may mean that you have a desire to soar and for freedom. Free flying butterflies, birds and dragonflies also indicate, romance, spirituality and love. Butterflies specifically mean transformation and personal growth. Alternatively, having a dream about any flying creature that is enclosed is a sign that you feel hampered by your current circumstances and that you need to open up more.

Water Dreams: Dreaming of the water nearly always indicates an aspect of the subconscious mind. Dreaming of the ocean, or other large body of water, may have several meanings. If the water is clam, then it may be interpreted as having a clear conscious and indicates a move towards positive personal development. Rough or choppy water indicates a troubled conscious or that something is bothering you beneath the surface.

The dreams we have are as vast and complicated as the human mind is itself. Analyzing them will clearly help you work through issues you may be having in your waking life and point to directions you can take to improve your life. As with crystals and gems, many swear by the use of Mustika pearls to bring about prophetic dreams, problem solving dreams or dreams that reach deeper into the sub-conscious mind to find creative inspiration. To use Mustika pearls for this type of dream analysis, simply place the pearl of choice under your pillow. Record your dreams first thing in the morning least you forget them. Later, you should read them over to glean information from the deepest reaches of your mind.

This article was published on Thursday 12 July, 2007.

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