by Zahir Karbani

7.1 Verifying Sources and Dealers

As much as we wish it were otherwise, crystals imbued by unnaturally infusing magickal powers into them, while they may LOOK genuine, they’re still fakes! Some are merely passing off fakes. Others have more sinister aims. Instead of restricting their selection to stones that are naturally inhabited by elementals, they take ordinary gemstones and force supernaturally bound spirits inside of them against their will.

Because of factors such as these, checking the methods and practices of sellers before purchasing your pearls and stones is of the utmost importance. To this end, every stone we sell arrives complete with full instruction including the name of your pearl’s elemental spirit, their age, history and any additional information we feel will aid you in establishing an etheric link with your pearl. Further, each piece in our collection has been verified and authenticated by two professional, independent psychics.

Research is important any time you plan on making an investment. Selecting a trusted bezoar and mustika supplier should be no different. Here are a few areas we recommend that you pay careful attention to:

• Take time confirming that the dealer in question is both genuine and reputable. While your personal choice will play a large part in selecting your stone, the elemental also has a role to play. The right stone WILL be waiting for you.

• Perform a background check to verify the business is operating legally and reputably and is in good standing with their customers. Make sure they follow all local laws and that they’re actually a registered business.

• Whenever investing in pearls in the three, four or more figure range, carefully wade through the company’s published policies, delivery information and return policies – especially compensation and refund provisos. During your search, be prepared to encounter language and geographical barriers in addition to wide differences in foreign business traditions and cultural variations.

Remember, there’s absolutely NO reason that you should have to pay extra for invocations or rituals that are marketed as “better” ways, or worse – THE ONLY WAY – to attune yourself with your pearl. None of this is necessary and we provide you with everything you’ll need to establish a life-long connection with your stone.

Anyone who warns otherwise is trying to frighten and intimidate unwary clients into spending their money on lower quality merchandise at inflated prices.

7.2 Psychic Verification

For a number of reasons, first time buyers tend to stray on the side of caution. To feel more secure about their investment, some desire to seek advice from their own psychics or spiritual advisors. If this is what makes you comfortable, by all means – go ahead!

However, please keep in mind that not every psychic or spiritualist is adept in the type of verification you’re looking for. Intentionally or unintentionally, unspecialized spiritualists might mislead you by saying that the pearls are (or in some instances, are not) more powerful than they actually are. While there are a number of reasons that things could play out this way, one reason a psychic might want to obscure the true power of our pearls is because they could very well jeopardize the sale of their own offered selection or advice.

Of course, in addition to psychic qualities, your pearl will also be evaluated based on their physical qualities. To the inexperienced, this can be a real challenge, since mustika pearls can vastly differ in size, surface texture, patterns and overall transparency. At first glance, certain aspects of a pearl’s appearance may seem suspect, but take a closer look before jumping to any conclusions.

Due in part to our extensive experience, we’ve been able to overcome these potential disparities. To aid us in our commitment to only offer the very best pearls and stones, we commission veteran psychics who have hands-on experience working with mustikas and bezoars. Not only do we insure that the psychics work independently of one another, we also insure that their conclusions regarding the pearls’ power line up.

These steps are followed diligently before our pearls are ever offered for sale, online or offline.

From the moment we procure the pearls from shamans and pawangs until our webmaster adds them to our online catalogue, offering beautiful, genuine mustika pearls and bezoar stones to our customers is our chief priority!

This article was published on Tuesday 27 November, 2007.

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