by Zahir Karbani

3.1 The Spirit Within

While bezoars and mustikas are naturally rare, our selection is even more valuable because each one has been imbued with an indwelling elemental spirit that serves to enhance and assist its owner in a number of powerful, positive ways. These indwelling elemental spirits are often referred to as nature spirits and can include:

• Sylphs (air elementals)
• Undines (water elementals)
• Salamanders (fire elementals)
• Devas (earth elementals) and
• Dryads (tree elementals)

Others may refer to these elementals with terms like fairies, gnomes, durdalis, earth spirits, elves and other magickal and mystical creatures.

3.2 Animal Totems & Spirit Guides

Whether we realize it or not, each of us is somehow linked to the spirit of an animal. In metaphysical terms, these are known as our personal animal totems or spirit guides. The chief aim of these spirits is to assist and direct us by both instructing and protecting us over the course of our lives.

While most individuals are tied to a primary totem animal, it is entirely possible for a person to possess multiple animal totems across the various stages of their lives – with each one providing courage and strength during pivotal checkpoints along your life path.

Due to their origins, bezoar stones are naturally imbued with the power of animal totem guides. Behind the veil of our “ordinary existence”, there are hidden laws and forces of nature at work. By attuning yourself to these natural forces that are constantly working behind the scenes, we can tap into mystical powers and properties.

Since bezoars are the literal by-products of animals, this makes them an ideal tool with simple applications. This makes it easier for you to access the particular animal spirit qualities that will both enable and enhance your power to tap into these characteristics in your own day-to-day existence. They work as both psychological and spiritual symbols that can serve to bring qualities you need (or lack) to your attention in times of life when you need them most.

This doesn’t by any means necessitate that you actually worship animals. What it does mean is that you have the freedom to implement these totems as spiritual guides and as spiritual tools that will aid you in your own personal spiritual journey.

They offer a potent opportunity to recognize, honour and respect nature. It means taking time to acknowledge that man is not above nature, but is instead an equal part of it – to remind us that we truly are “one with nature.” Totems of all animals, from ants and insects to elephants and whales, can align themselves with anyone perceptive enough to recognize their value in the personal quest towards unity with nature, in-depth self-discovery and accelerated spiritual development.

3.3 Our Animal Totem Empowerment

Because of our dedication to collective spiritual mastery, the Mani Zone team has reached a level of empowerment that allows us to “tune in” to your unique energy to discern your personal animal totem. Once your totem has been identified, you can choose a mustika pearl from our selection that will strengthen the connection between you and your animal guide.

This can prove a powerfully effective way to tap into the powers possible through attuning with your totem.

Your personal animal totem will manifest a very specific variety of energy that’s able to align itself (and therefore, indirectly you) to the forces of the spiritual realm that will have the most beneficial influence at that specific point in your life.

You should also keep in mind that the elemental spirit that indwells each of our bezoar stones will have already had years of time to blend and meld itself with the animal spirit within.

When these two forces combine, the resulting partnership aligns itself with the owner – maximizing the potential and power for spiritual guidance.

This article was published on Tuesday 27 November, 2007.

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